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L.M. Kohn & Company is an independent full-service Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and Broker/Dealer. Our advisors specialize in a wide range of financial services including investment management, financial planning, educational planning, insurance, and employee benefit plans.

Founded in 1990 by an advisor who was unhappy with the limited toolbox and cookie cutter solutions available at larger firms, L.M. Kohn & Company was formed out of the necessity to better serve clients. Through the years, we discovered that there was significant demand for this type of platform from other advisors as well.

Our professionals have different niches, specialized experience, and expertise servicing individuals, small businesses, charitable or non-profit organizations, and corporations. Despite this diverse and inherently different customer base each with their own set of needs, the one common denominator across the firm is the underlying client-first philosophy with which the firm was founded on. This is a trait that we look for in all our advisors, and a characteristic that will always be embedded in the fibers and culture of our firm.


As a fully independent firm, L.M. Kohn & Company advisors are afforded the luxury of a broad network of products and services to offer their own clients. Unlike some of the bigger firms whose bureaucratic nature to maximize profitability result in nudging their advisors towards higher revenue generating products, platforms and services, L.M. Kohn advisors are focused solely on servicing their clients to the best of their ability.

The freedom and flexibility awarded to our independent advisors allow our affiliates to accommodate each client’s own set of needs and circumstances. Rather than trying to conform each client’s situation into a pre-packaged solution, an L.M. Kohn advisor can often think outside of the box to find the proper product offerings to better serve their clients.

Our advisors are not subject to any sales-based quotas, contests, account minimums, or any new asset gathering or production requirements. This means no pushy salespeople initiating uncomfortable conversations to drive sales and referrals. Nor will you find our advisors recommending high revenue generating products for their own personal benefit, while disguising these products as being a good fit for your needs. The culture at LM Kohn has always been driven by a client-first philosophy and that will never change.

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Although L.M. Kohn & Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have advisors in many different geographic locations ready to talk with you. Whether you are just starting to plan for your future, are displeased with your current advisor, or are looking for a second opinion on whether your finances are being managed properly, our affiliates would welcome the opportunity to chat. Feel free to visit our Advisor Directory to find and connect with an L.M. Kohn advisor no matter where you might be located.