The Ultimate Broker-Dealer & RIA for Lifestyle Financial Advisors

L.M. Kohn and Company is an independent, family-owned, hybrid Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and Broker-Dealer (B-D) based in Cincinnati, OH. It was founded in 1990 by Larry M. Kohn so that he could be in full control over his financial advisory practice. He was unhappy with the quotas and restrictions that large insurance and investment firms placed on their financial advisors.

L.M. Kohn is a haven for financial advisors who have built or want to build an independent, lifestyle practice using any mix of fee-based, brokerage, and/or insurance services or products* without the added cost, administration, and headaches of being their own independent entity. Our compliance department starts with, “Yes”, where most RIA/B-Ds start with “No”. Our compliance team works with you – not against you. If it can be done compliantly, we’ll help you figure out how.

L.M. Kohn was founded to remove constraints and we will not handcuff our advisors in a manner in which Larry would not want to be handcuffed himself.

L.M. Kohn is committed to affiliating with advisors who are dedicated to their business. Those who serve their clients to the best of their ability, and who have demonstrated devotion to operating their own practices with integrity, transparency, and a fiduciary duty whether it’s legally required or not.

L.M. Kohn was founded out of the necessity to better serve clients and is dedicated to doing what is in the best interest of their affiliated financial advisors and the clients they serve.

*The one exception is that we do not allow our advisors to sell private placements, limited partnerships, promissory notes or any other illiquid investment with big commissions. It’s not worth the compliance risk.