Small RIA/IBD – Big Practice Management Technology

Technology is no longer a “nice to have;” it’s a necessity! The right technology tools save your practice the most valuable resource of all – time! And as we all know, time is money.

L.M. Kohn has been focused on upgrading and implementing technology tools that build great efficiencies into our advisors’ business operations and help them be more responsive to the ever-changing landscape in managing and acquiring clients.

ComplySci is our digital compliance and workflow management system. This tool has taken the headaches out of many long, drawn out back-office tasks and streamlined it into a workflow process that takes minimal time and gets our advisors’ answers the same day or next at the latest. This means less time spent on submissions and processing, and more time advising clients.

When you combine this ultra-efficient software with a compliance department that starts with, “yes,” our advisors are confident when they are submitting things to compliance! There is no dread. There is no pre-thinking another way to get something approved while you wait for the decline message that you’re expecting to get next week. L.M. Kohn advisors LOVE working with our collaborative compliance department. How many RIAs or IBDs can claim that?

Better yet, we did not add any new fees or increase existing fees to provide this time saving software to our advisors.

We also offer other technology packages with preferred pricing on popular FinTech solutions such as Riskalyze, MoneyGuide Pro, Redtail, Morningstar, Zacks Advisor Tools and more! Many of our advisors have also chosen to add other third-party software providers that they feel best fit their business while adding efficiencies to their practice, and we are always comfortable adding more product offerings to our platform.

For several years we have been committed to upgrading our technology offerings suite to be more cutting edge, as well as a technology-driven hybrid RIA/IBD that still provides a personal touch. We are always evaluating business processes to find the right balance of cost and value and look forward to introducing more technology tools in the years to come.