Do you sometimes wish that you knew then what you know now before you picked the financial services firm you’re with? Would you have made a different decision?

The financial services industry feels like a game of Pac Man. The large IBDs are gobbling up the smaller firms. Have you gotten gobbled yet? Has a firm you’ve affiliated with gotten gobbled? Have you had to re-paper for reasons outside of your control? If not, are you just waiting for Pac Man to eat the power pellet?

Many financial advisors chose to affiliate with a smaller IBD or RIA because they like being in a small firm. They like comradery and collaboration instead of backstabbing and one-upmanship. They like not having to go through giant call centers to get a little help. But now they’re stuck inside a mega-firm Pac Man.

On the other hand, many financial advisors start their career out at insurance companies. Insurance companies have a lower barrier to entry, provide a little more income support, and all you need is one good insurance commission to keep you afloat. But it’s hard to be seen and feel like a truly independent financial advisor because you have the big insurance company name and its quota hanging over your head.

It’s not too late!

I know, you’re thinking that unless you choose a mega-firm that any small RIA/IBD you pick will likely get eaten by one anyway. That is because you’ve never heard of L.M. Kohn!

It is our mission to rescue successful financial advisors who are looking at the last 10-20 years of their practice and wondering if they can continue to “live” that long with the decision they made. Because they don’t have to.

L.M. Kohn can be your Last Home.

As a multi-generational, family-owned hybrid RIA/IBD, we are committed to the culture and values that got us here today. We are dedicated to providing advisors with freedom, independence, and not merging or selling to a mega-firm. We want to grow our firm with like-minded individuals, while maintaining that small-firm culture that our advisors love.

If you’re not 100% happy with where you’re at, we want to talk!