The industry of financial advising does not come without its challenges. Many enter the field with dreams of building a name for themselves by working hard to research and recommend the best investment options for their clients. These individuals are often disappointed when the large firm they work for provides them with limited investment options, subjects them to repapering of their accounts after frequent mergers and acquisitions, or simply eats into their bottom line with excessive costs and fees.

L.M. Kohn was founded by a financial advisor who had experienced these challenges firsthand and knew there was a better way. Our company exists to allow financial advisors to break free from the restrictive environments created by large firms and create their own dream practices.

If you are thinking about casting off the large-firm environment and stepping out on your own, here’s three reasons to join L.M. Kohn:


When you join L.M. Kohn as an independent financial advisor, you can choose to start your own practice or join one of our teams in a region near you. We work behind the scenes to keep our advisors in compliance, while letting them build and operate their own business under their own brand. We are collaborative, never combative. Our independent financial advisors have the flexibility to use the products and services that they feel are best for their clients, provided that we can monitor them to ensure compliance. L.M. Kohn has an open architecture platform, accepting of all business models.


Many of our current independent financial advisors joined us because they were tired of life working for a larger firm. Even when life didn’t feel like a giant game of Pac Man, with larger firms gobbling up the smaller firms, the less-than-friendly large-firm culture made them seek the comradery and collaboration of a group with a small-firm feel.

L.M. Kohn is an independent, family-owned, hybrid Registered Investment Adviser and Broker-Dealer. Our second-generation leadership is committed to remaining family owned and independent. We won’t sell out and force you to repaper your accounts, and we’re available around the clock to provide assistance when you need it.


While we aren’t large in comparison to the other major players in the financial advising industry, we maintain a network of around 100 advisors in different stages of their careers. Individuals who join the L.M. Kohn umbrella have the benefit of joining a community of independent advisors. Opportunities exist for advisors to grow their customer base or plan for another qualified advisor to take over their book of business.

If you are considering a move to strike out on your own, contact us today to learn more about what L.M. Kohn can offer you.