When Baker and Company joined L.M. Kohn earlier this year, we had the benefit of adding some truly remarkable people to our team. These individuals possess decades of experience, natural talent, and a devotion to customers’ success through diligent and thorough work. Today, it is our pleasure to highlight one of these individuals, Account Executive Ken Nahrstedt of Baker and Company.

Ken’s path toward his current position was different from most other advisors’. While many head off to college immediately after receiving their high school diplomas, Ken opted for the real-world environment of a mutual fund company’s mailroom. In addition to earning a salary with benefits, he had the advantage of exploring his potential profession from an insider’s perspective. It was an environment he enjoyed and could picture making a career in, so he kept at it, working his job during the day while taking college classes at night. Over the next 10 years, Ken worked his way up the ranks, from mailroom to marketing department to customer service, and then into accounting and finally trading.

Over those years, Ken saw every aspect of the company and began fine tuning his interests and goals. He loved providing good customer service and took pride in doing it well. When his current employer began moving away from mutual funds and into asset management, it made Ken begin to consider his next move. He had been offered a job at Morgan Stanley that he planned on accepting, until Baker and Company approached him with an open position. During his days as a mailroom worker, he would often visit Baker and Company to drop off checks or pickup statements, and he loved the energy of the trading floor at its old office. On top of this, Ken and his wife were now expecting a child. And the offer of a job at Baker and Company came with a trading hour working schedule and no requirements to travel, which would allow him more time at home to raise his child. He immediately knew it was the right option for him and jumped at the chance.

23 years later, Ken continues to do the work that he loves at the company that has become a home for him. He’s built lifelong friendships with his clients and their families, who even attend his children’s sporting events to cheer them on. And now that L.M. Kohn has become involved in his day-to-day work, he has more time to focus on providing excellent, personalized customer service to secure his customers’ financial futures, as well as the patronage of their future generations.

“The merger has been great. My customers enjoy the enhanced offerings I can provide with more technology tools at my disposal, and I have more flexibility with my fee structure too,” said Ken. “I have a back-office network that supports me whenever I need them. Carl and his team’s ability to get things done is amazing. They’re all very accessible, very professionally and very efficient.”

To learn more about Ken Nahrstedt, or any of the other representatives at Baker and Company or L.M. Kohn, contact us.