Whether it’s helping our customers reach their financial goals or providing support to our reps to help them succeed as independent financial advisors, it is the mission of L.M. Kohn to serve others. An excellent example of this philosophy in action is Office Manager/ HR/ Manager of RBC Services and Advisory Relations, Cara Kimmerly, who was recently appointed to the 2024 Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County.

As is easily gleaned from her lengthy title, Cara wears many hats around the L.M. Kohn headquarters. Between being the office manager, operations manager, manager of advisory services and human resources, she has plenty on her plate to keep her occupied. But Cara felt a calling beyond her professional career and began looking for a charitable organization where she could help. After volunteering with a local organization turned out not to be a good match for her, she saw a commercial for Big Brothers Big Sisters that triggered a core memory.

Cara grew up the daughter of a single mother in Chillicothe, Ohio. Money was scarce in her neighborhood, but she remembers noticing a neighbor girl go on occasional visits with a friendly woman. The girl would always come back looking happy, usually with a stuffed animal or some other toy. Because she was young, she didn’t understand at the time that her neighbor’s visitor was part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. But she remembered how much happiness it brought her neighbor and decided to look into becoming a Big Sister in the program.

After a extensive interview and screening process, Cara was matched with her Little Sister, Londin. They meet two to three times per month to go out to eat, play a board game, take an art class, and just generally chat about life, setting goals and achieving them through hard work.

Cara’s devotion and work with her Little Sister impressed the Board of Directors, who approached her with the idea of joining them. After a vote this April, Cara was appointed to the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee and Financial Oversight Committee for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County.

“The more I learn about Big Brothers Big Sisters, the more I love their mission,” said Cara. “They create and support one-on-one mentor relationships to help all youth achieve their full potential. And being on the board, I have even greater involvement to help drive this mission along. Overall, it’s been a very rewarding experience.”

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