Being an independent financial advisor is no walk in the park. Keeping ahead of the latest trends and regulations, and diligently researching every available option to make the best recommendations for clients’ investments can be stressful enough. The last thing advisors need are the additional worries of their Broker-Dealer being less than responsive or committing errors in operational functions that can cost advisors dearly.

At L.M. Kohn, we pride ourselves in the world class service we’ve provided to our reps since our founding in 1990. That’s why we’re excited to introduce an addition to our team who will continue to ensure the same level of service is maintained, Trading and Operations Analyst Vince Lorenzo.

Starting out

Vince found his calling in the financial industry at Mount Union College (Alliance, Ohio) where he played on the men’s golf team. After graduating with a degree in accounting, Vince worked a few jobs before he accepted a position at U.S. Bank in 2014. His time at U.S. Bank took him through positions in trading services and eventually wealth management, focusing on advisory and operational functions. As a collegiate athlete, he naturally excelled in the team environment at U.S. Bank with both his colleagues and direct managers. But after almost eight years, he started to see some of the inherent problems with the large institution’s culture.

As he matured into his role over the years, Vince began to notice the counterproductive behaviors with which upper management operated the business. Too often, he and his team found themselves overworked and understaffed. He also observed a lack of helpful communication from the leaders on the top floor, and decided it was time for a change.

Vince accepted a position at an advisory group and dug into the work, but quickly found himself underutilized. With his experience in wealth management and trading, he knew he could handle more and began once again seeking a new challenge.

Joining L.M. Kohn

After connecting with management at L.M. Kohn, Vince joined the team in September 2022 as Trading and Operations Analyst.According to Vince, the environment at L.M. Kohn is step above those of his previous employers.“The difference is night and day. It’s much more laid back, everyone works well together and gets along. There are constant communications with problems and solutions, and very helpful technology tools to help us accomplish our missions. Because everyone is so accessible, things get resolved very quickly here.”

In his new role, Vince is responsible for many operational functions, including trading of securities, money transfers, opening and maintenance of accounts and onboarding clients and reps, as well as serving as the first point of escalation for resolving any issues, and acting as liaison between clients, custodians, advisors and third parties. He will ensure timely and accurate resolutions for financial advisors and clients and see that L.M. Kohn continues to provide its reps and clients with world class service.

Contact us today for more information about how Vince supports reps to allow them to succeed.