One of the reasons so many reps choose L.M. Kohn as their Broker Dealer is for its small size and friendly company culture. Our Ohio-based, family-owned firm offers a refreshing change from the large wirehouse corporate environments. But while this may be the case, it isn’t to say that our reps are only based in the state, or even the region. In fact, L.M. Kohn has branch offices and registered representatives in many different geographic areas. We currently have reps based in 15 states, from New York and Florida, Texas and Colorado, and in between.

Today we’d like to introduce one such representative whose office address is over 600 miles from the L.M. Kohn headquarters.

Alan Turner (Overland Park, KS) started his career working in the telecommunications industry. He excelled in his position, but all the while maintained an interest for identifying and forecasting trends. A friend of Alan’s who worked for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) encouraged him to pursue finance. After 16 years, Alan finally decided to take his friend up on the offer and submit his resume to RBC. A month later in January 2002, Alan accepted a position as financial advisor.

Alan was a natural fit for the position, building a strong network of customers and earning their trust. And then the financial crisis of 2008 struck the industry, and with it a high level of market volatility. In reaction to the down markets, RBC made it a goal to focus more strongly on growth. However, Alan wanted his business to concentrate on maintaining the customers he had and providing them with excellent service. As a show of good faith because of his exceptional service to customers over the past seven years, RBC connected Alan to Larry Kohn, to discuss the possibility of Alan taking his practice independent.

Intrigued by the possibility of running his business how he wanted, Alan accepted Larry’s offer to join L.M. Kohn as a registered independent representative. L.M. Kohn assisted Alan in transferring his customers to his new independent firm, A. Turner Financial LLC., during the 30-day grace period agreed upon by RBC, a normally tedious process which he calls “almost painless.” Since then, he’s enjoyed the benefits of reduced stress from only having to meet his own personal goals, as well as improved financial conditions for his clients as well as himself.

Today, after almost 15 years of independent operation, Alan continues to enjoy running his business with the assistance of L.M. Kohn. He’s currently planning for his future by focusing on relationship building with his next generation of customers, while L.M. Kohn handles the majority of his other tasks.

“With technology the way it is, working remotely from my Broker Dealer has been pretty seamless,” said Alan. “The compliance department is great about keeping me informed, constantly making technology advancements to keep things simple for me, and making sure I’m keeping within the guidelines. Even though I only go to Cincinnati once a year for our annual compliance meeting, the team at L.M. Kohn is always available whenever I need anything.”

To learn more about Alan Turner and A. Turner Financial LLC, or any of the other representatives at L.M. Kohn, contact us.